Sweden Holidays & Festivities in 2029

We list here all of Sweden’s holidays, events & festivities in 2029, including public holidays, de facto holidays, de facto half holidays, bank holidays, observances, and more.

What Are Public Holidays in Sweden?

Public holidays (“helgdagar” in Swedish) are defined by the Parliament and include both Christian and non-Christian holidays.

The Christian holidays in Sweden include: jul (Christmas), trettondedag jul (Epiphany), påsk (Easter), Kristi himmelsfärds dag (Ascension Day), pingstdagen (Pentecost), and alla helgons dag (All Saints’ Day).

The non-Christian holidays include: nyårsdagen (New Year’s Day), första maj (International Workers’ Day), Sveriges nationaldag (National Day), and midsommar (Midsummer).

Sweden Holidays in 2029

DateDayName of EventEvent Type
01/01/2029MondayNew Year's DayPublic holiday
05/01/2029FridayTwelfth NightDe facto half holiday
06/01/2029SaturdayEpiphanyPublic holiday
14/02/2029WednesdayValentine's DayObservance
25/03/2029SundayDaylight Saving Time startsClock change
30/03/2029FridayGood FridayPublic holiday
31/03/2029SaturdayHoly SaturdayDe facto holiday
01/04/2029SundayEaster SundayPublic holiday
02/04/2029MondayEaster MondayPublic holiday
30/04/2029MondayWalpurgis NightDe facto half holiday
01/05/2029TuesdayMay 1stPublic holiday
10/05/2029ThursdayAscension DayPublic holiday
19/05/2029SaturdayWhit SaturdayDe facto holiday
20/05/2029SundayWhit SundayPublic holiday
27/05/2029SundayMother's DayObservance
06/06/2029WednesdayNational dayPublic holiday
22/06/2029FridayMidsummer EveDe facto holiday, Bank holiday
23/06/2029SaturdayMidsummer DayPublic holiday
28/10/2029SundayDaylight Saving Time endsClock change
02/11/2029FridayAll Saints' EveDe facto half holiday
03/11/2029SaturdayAll Saints' DayPublic holiday
11/11/2029SundayFather's DayObservance
02/12/2029SundayFirst Advent SundayObservance
09/12/2029SundaySecond Advent SundayObservance
16/12/2029SundayThird Advent SundayObservance
23/12/2029SundayFourth Advent SundayObservance
24/12/2029MondayChristmas EveDe facto holiday
25/12/2029TuesdayChristmas DayPublic holiday
26/12/2029WednesdayBoxing DayPublic holiday
31/12/2029MondayNew Year's EveDe facto holiday, Bank holiday

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